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*Mixcloud Mix Artwork

*Facebook cover photo



How to enter

• Mixes should be somewhere between 30 mins to 2 hours long, and should be uploaded to Mixcloud.

• Title the mix: “Pro-ject DJ competition – (And then insert your DJ name here)” PLEASE PUT YOUR DJ NAME IN THE BRACKETS!

• Tag the mix: ”Pro-ject DJ Competition" If you fail to tag the mix correctly, your entry may be missed. It’s worth also tagging the genre/genres of music the mix contains, you can add up to 5 tags in total.

• Add tracklist.

• Use the artwork for mixcloud - it's provided below named *Mixcloud Mix Artwork.

• Use the cover photo on your facebook timeline provided below named *Facebook Cover photo

and set it as your facebook timeline cover photo. Click “Edit description” and insert the link to your mix here. Leave this as your cover photo until the competition winner is announced.

• Also invite all of your friends to the facebook event -

• Email us. Subject saying “I’ve entered the Pro-ject Comp.”

Please send a screenshot of the cover photo up on your profile by emailing with a link to your mix and your facebook profile.

Deadline for entries is Thursday 15th December 2016



• Entrants will be judged on a number of factors, (but not limited to) including number of plays, favourites, track selection, quality, technical ability and originality.

• We will listen to all mixes that register at least 50 plays, so please make sure you share it with your friends to reach this number

• Your mix should be relevant to the Pro-ject target audience which is rooted in quality electronic music. House, Garage, bass are more than welcome.

• You must be a competent DJ and be able to DJ in a club environment.

• You must be able to play using 2 x CDJ 1000 or 2000s & Pioneer mixer. No midi controllers will be accepted. The use of Traktor and Serato is fine. Premashed/ Prerecorded set lists are a no!



Good luck




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