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"Even better than Rainbow warehouse in Birmgham! Better vibes and sound system and space to rave with sound people"
"congrats on the warehouse party dude!! looking sooo buzzing!!"
"A brilliant event - bettered the first and then some"
"Once again J thanks for the great night mate great team of promoters felt welcomed by everybody and we had a blast best show we've been on by far! Looking forward to june!"
"Thanks for last night bro. you should be proper proud of yourself, Well up for playing whenever u need us"
"You pulled off an massive event man! Cheers for a mad night"
"Hello mate I just wanted to say a huge congratulations for last night It was fucking going off pal !! Seen some of the videos to booming pal well done"
"Without doubt the best thing to happen to the Worcester club scene since I can remember. Would have bought some merchandise i.e. A pro-eject warehouse No.1 hoodie... Might be worth it for next time. Sound system and vibe were top."
"Loved it, so pleased it went well for you guys, great sound system it made my bones shake,you know I love to hear and feel it,great lighting it gave the right glow to the venue and atmosphere, the bar was busy at the start but fine the rest of the night so don't stress over adding more bars if its going to eat up or change the capacity/profit/price of tickets and drinks,people need to understand you can't have it both ways we paid little for what we got,well done to you all and thank you x!It was ace really different didn't think it would be my cup of tea but really enjoyed it!!!!!! Maybe a bigger bar area..... Only because to start with it took forever and a day to get a drink but seemed to be less of a q later!!! Gotta help profit aswell the more beer you can sell!!!!!!x"
"We all had a great time, i thought personally it was well organised and professional. From the minute u bought ur ticket u felt part of something special! Bar was busy, which was as expected i guess and toilets were busy.. But its like that at any busy event. The music was brilliant the atmosphere was electric. To all the people who were sceptical about it being a dodgy rave.. How wrong could they have been!! Great security, even the rozzers outside was a good thing in my opinion, it was nice to see no trouble and a very relaxed crowd of people! Well done to all who organised (sorry its a long bit of feedback.. I did have the best time)"
"Amazing fella well done good vibe which is important and has always been a problem in worcester but u lot nailed it"
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